In recent years, Brazil saw a change in how Deepwater oil & gas is developed and produced in country. Gradually, new majors are becoming operators in the prolific pre-salt area. The same has been occurring in mature fields with independents taking ownership and becoming producers in post salt fields.

Rapidly, Brazil is shifting from the predominance of one company to a multi operators scenario.

Although the Brazilian subsea industry is consolidated and already showed its capacity to deliver several giant subsea projects simultaneously, new projects will be developed concurrently but now led by different operators – each one with its technical and commercial approach.

Running in parallel new operators revitalizing mature fields will demand several small orders – services and equipment – focusing in low cost & high impact solutions to increase recovery factor of their assets.

Our industry will thus have to show its adaptability to deliver good results not only to the majors, but also to the small independents.

As the oil & gas industry is coming out of the downturn globally, competition for resources between numerous concurrent developments worldwide will become one of the most critical challenges of the years to come, thus pushing our industry to increase the productivity of its assets by changing its way of working and incorporating new innovative technologies.

In the SPE Brazil Subsea Symposium, key specialists and decision makers will have the opportunity to explore, debate and suggest proposals in a different format, combining short presentations and a high level of interaction among panelists and participants.

Topics such as the analysis of whether existing infra-structure is sufficient to take care of known demand; the necessity to attract a new generation workforce when the industry is no longer as “sexy” as before; the impacts of the current framework of local content policies; the applicability of lessons learned from other region already familiarized with this scenario, like in the UK, the US Gulf and Norway and finally, the impact of research, development & innovation, technologies and digital transformation to the process will be extensively discussed aiming to conclude the event with a straightforward integrated scenario analysis and an action plan to help Brazil to be successful in this new reality.